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Star City Meltdown - "Here With You"

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Star City Meltdown - "Here With You"

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Much like the cold of winter leaves you longing for the warm sunshine of summer, the desire to feel love and passion with another dominates the psyche of anyone who's alone. Through the glory of audio and the magical video skills of producer Sean Babas, Star City Meltdown have bottled that infectious feeling that dominates your every thought when you find your true soulmate.

On their first single from the forthcoming RAZORBLADES AND HAND GRENADES, Star City Meltdown capture every emotion experienced in the development of a relationship - imagination of what it will be like, lack of confidence to move forward, and the overwhelming bliss one feels when everything works out right.

"Here With You" is not only a summertime anthem for 2012, but an audio and video representation of what a successful relationship truly looks like from start to finish. Put it on, watch it over and over, and learn. You might not find true love listening to this song, but you are guaranteed to find true musical love with the next great rock band of the decade.

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